About us


Saint Sea is a Melbourne based swimwear label designed with the modern woman in mind. While denying seasonal trends and exaggerated styles, this collection relies on an elegant palette and feminine silhouette to emphasize the beauty of simplicity.


The pieces featured in this collection are chic and refined without making any bold statements with fit, cut, or colour. The Saint Sea objective is to create simple pieces that are executed immaculately and ethically with the highest quality Italian textiles so that they remain reliable pieces in your swimwear wardrobe for years to come.


Saint Sea is truly made with love, founded and designed by a young couple living in Melbourne. Sher, the driven entrepreneur behind the brand, has always been inspired to create something in life and Megan, a self-proclaimed bikini enthusiast, simply could not shake her passion for beautiful bathers. Together, the two have shared an incredible journey during the creation of this line and have loved every moment working on this collection.